Saturday, 11 April 2020

English to Hindi | Hindi typing online

  • Type Hindi words in English 
  • Press the 'SPACE' key on the keyboard
  • The words you type will convert to Hindi script 
  • To type English words between Hindi words, press the CTR button and the 'G' together on the keyboard. Do it again to return to Hindi
  • If you do not get the desired word, press the BACKSPACE button on the keyboard and it will show similar words. you can choose your word from the list
Hindi typing Online

   With the growing popularity of Hindi websites and online news portals, it is a good platform to type in Hindi online without using any software or App. In the past, only those proficient people who studied DTP were able to type Hindi. But anyone with basic knowledge can type Hindi using this website. The matter you typed could be saved to'.doc' format and '.text' format. From this website, your typed matter can print by pressing the Print button. When you press the Copy button, you can select to copy all the typed content. You can paste it anywhere. If you are a writer, you can write down what comes to mind when you travel long distances. If you are a Hindi blogger or news reporter, this will be useful for you. Thank you so much for using this website